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Fiberglass Cornice Fiberglass Columns
Fiberglass Column Covers
Fiberglass Hemisphere Domes
and Onion Domes
Fiberglass Religious Ornaments
668 Euclid, Cleveland OH
668 Euclid,
Cleveland OH
Western Reserve Academy, Hudson OH
Western Reserve Academy,
Hudson OH
Starbucks Coffee, Seattle WA
Starbucks Coffee,
Seattle WA
St. Peter & Paul, Salt Lake City UT
St. Peter & Paul,
Salt Lake City UT
Custom Fiberglass Fiberglass Cupolas
and Finials
Fiberglass Balusters Fiberglass Restorations
American Revolution Museum, Yorktown VA
American Revolution Museum,
Yorktown VA
Bob Dole VA Center, Wichita KS
Bob Dole VA Center,
Wichita KS
University of Cumberlands, Williamsburg KY
University of Cumberlands,
Williamsburg KY
Terminal Tower, Cleveland OH
Terminal Tower,
Cleveland OH

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc.

Who is Architectural Fiberglass, Inc.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., (AFI) custom designs and manufactures interior and exterior decorative Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) ornamentation for the restoration, reproduction, and new construction industries. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., is one of the premier fiberglass manufacturer's leading the industry for over 30 years designing and manufacturing custom fiberglass in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cleveland, OH. We pride ourselves on difficult custom projects, and welcome unique custom work. Architectural Fiberglass Inc., also currently has thousands of reusable stock molds. Standard stock products include columns, cornice, balusters, balustrades, cupolas, domes, religious ornaments, fascia panels, finials, moldings, louvers, pilasters, sculptures, and other simulated building materials. Excellent physical properties and molding capabilities make our fiberglass especially suitable for interior and exterior architectural ornamentation and our capabilities are only limited to the designer's imagination.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., provides our customers with architectural designs, drawings, patterns, molds and fiberglass architectural products. In this process Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., works closely with architects and designers to produce architectural details and attachments methods for each project. Our staff of architectural designers and engineers spends ample time considering the best possible way to manufacture our products in order to meet the requirements of an easy successful installation. Our expertise is in architectural ornamentation and unlike other manufacturers we do not participate in manufacturing for other industries such as Automotive, Marine, Transportation, Industrial, or Recreational Products. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., is focused and dedicated to exclusively designing and manufacturing fiberglass architectural ornamentation.

Terminal Tower

Uses of Fiberglass (FRP)

Throughout the years Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) has become a fast growing industry with a limitless amount of architectural applications. Fiberglass cornice moldings, columns, domes, cupolas balustrades, and baluster systems, have become some of the most popular uses of fiberglass.

Fiberglass Cornice

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., has hundreds of standard stock cornice profiles and is continuously manufacturing custom profiles. Cornices manufactured with FRP do not require heavy steel supports or structural rehabilitation of the attachment areas on a building. Fiberglass cornices can be manufactured in any color and replicate most finishes including terra cotta, cast stone, marble, granite, copper, steel and wood. Fiberglass cornice is very practical when compared with the material, maintenance, and installation cost of other traditional materials. In addition to new construction, fiberglass cornice is widely used for restoration of old cornices made from terra cotta, cast stone and metal.

Fiberglass Columns, Balusters, and Balustrades

Fiberglass columns, fiberglass balustrades, and fiberglass baluster systems are another popular application for the use of FRP in architecture. Columns, balustrades, and baluster systems can be manufactured as load-bearing to hold substantial weight or as column covers to wrap around structural supports. Ornamental fiberglass column capitals and bases reproduce ancient Roman and Greek architecture. Improved fiberglass molding techniques allow for fine detail and craftsmanship seen in fiberglass columns, capitals and balusters. Technological advances such as new finishes that better simulate traditional materials make FRP nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Fiberglass Domes and Cupolas

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc., specializes in fiberglass dome and cupola manufacturing and in addition historical replication of badly deteriorated or unattractive dome structures and replacing them with identical custom fiberglass domes and cupolas. Our Fiberglass domes and fiberglass cupolas range from smaller sizes to domes in excess of 40' in diameter and cupolas spanning over 60' in height. Our catalog of hemisphere domes, onion domes, and cupolas includes over 300 different sizes and design. An advantage of fiberglass domes and cupolas is the low maintenance, low weight, high strength, and unlimited design flexibility not possible with other materials.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has recognized the use of FRP in all phases of construction. We now have the task of informing and educating contractors, architects and developers the benefits of fiberglass. At this time there is no clear long-term life expectation of fiberglass. This is because fiberglass products have been installed on buildings for more than 50 years with no significant sign of deterioration. Perhaps in another 50 years we can give you better answers.


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