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American Composites Manufacturers Association

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American Composites Manufacturers Association

AFI is an active member of the world's largest fiberglass trade organization, the American Composites Manufacturer's Association (ACMA). ACMA's Architectural Division sets industry standards for quality control practices and specifies materials and manufacturing processes that are recommended to be used for architectural FRP. ACMA is the driving force that has introduced composites to the construction industry and local building authorities. AFI meets all requirements of membership and fabricates materials based upon provisions published in the "Guidelines and Recommended Practices for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Architectural Products" created by ACMA's Architectural Division. AFI also participates in ACMA's International Building Code Committee and has chaired ACMA's Architectural Division.

Visit the official ACMA website.

American Composites Manufacturers Association - 1010 North Glebe Rd, Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22201
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