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International Code Council

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International Code Council

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc (AFI) complies with the International Code Council's (ICC) requirements for the current International Building Code (IBC). The codes require Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) components delivered to the jobsite carry a third party ICC-sanctioned label from an independent testing and code recognition authority. Companies who use such labels are held accountable to follow stringent manufacturing requirements that result in products that comply with current code requirements. AFI has undergone the necessary testing and fulfilled the code requirements, and all of AFI's applicable building products carry the necessary third party ICC-sanctioned labeling. Other manufacturers have been known to cut costs by using less expensive raw materials and mediocre manufacturing practices in order to gain a pricing advantage. Current codes set a bar for all manufacturers to follow and validates FRP as a legitimate material of construction.

Visit the official International Code Council website.

IBC Building Code
Changes 2009/2012
Fire Retardancy
And Fiberglass