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Gold Leaf Process

In addition to fabricating simulated fiberglass gold finishes, Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. also manufactures products with actual gold leaf. Our gold leaf process is a significant technological break-through when compared to cheap imitation golds that fade to silver and/or delaminate within a few years. Our proprietary gold leaf process has been used on decorative fiberglass products for over 20 years with no sign of deterioration or discoloration.

The process involves genuine 22 karat gold that is permanently bonded at extremely high heat onto the underside of a clear film called Tedlar (a DuPont product made of polyvinyl fluoride). The Tedlar film is resistant to chemical corrosion, ultraviolet light, saltwater, solvents, cleaning agents, and physically protects the gold to prevent top surface abrasion. Tedlar carries a 10 to 14 year life warranty against fading or delamination on glass, metal, painted wood, plastic and other common substrates. Regarded by architects as one of the most durable surface protectors, Tedlar has long been used as a standard outdoor protective laminate for 25 years. The gold is under-sealed with a premium grade pressure sensative acrylic adhesive.

In a nutshell, you have the ultimate gold leaf process. The manufacturer of the gold guarantees the 22 Karat gold process against wear and fading for 10 years.

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