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Our Fiberglass

Our typical fiberglass parts are a nominally 3/16" thick laminate in a fire-retardant Class 1 resin with exterior gel coat finish. Because our fiberglass begins with liquid polymer resins and formable glass fibers, the finished shape can be curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways with varying thickness. Per unit of weight, our fiberglass is among the strongest commercial materials available. Pound for pound, fiberglass is stronger than concrete, steel or aluminium. Fiberglass parts can be delivered to the site ready to be installed. At times, our fiberglass product may be assembled in our shop and transported via truck, ready for installation.

Our price may include: custom tooling, parts, shop drawings, packaging, freight, lightning protection and connectors, support structures and attachment hardware. Installations may also be included as part of our total package.

Our Optimum Design

Our typical laminate is composed of the following:

  1. Gelcoat
    - The molded-in surface coat that contains the color and is resistant to ultraviolet attack and airborne contamination.
  2. Fiberglass
    - Fibers of glass that reinforce the plastic (polyester resin). By varying the glass content, we can affect the strength and mechanical properties of the laminate.
  3. Resin
    - Various resins that can be formulated to meet specific physical requirements: weatherability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, fire retardancy and electrical properties.
  4. Integral Reinforcements
    - In the form of cores, stiffeners and attachments can be molded into the laminate to produce any performance requirements.

IBC Building Code
Changes 2009/2012
Fire Retardancy
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